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Welcome to Stock PTA. We’re a registered charity and our aim is to enrich the educational experience of our children by raising additional funds for the school. We also strive to develop a great sense of community by hosting a series of fun social gatherings that bring the whole school community, parents, children and staff – together. We are all very approachable, so if you want to ask us about joining, have a fundraising idea or ask for an event please just ask us.

If you are unsure who the PTA are:

PTA Chairman Mrs Kim Watts
PTA Treasurer Mrs Mandy Lovewell
PTA Secretary Mrs Suzanne Downes

What do we do?

We have a hardworking and enthusiastic PTA who are constantly searching for new ideas to help raise money for our wonderful school.

Here is a quick introduction to; What the PTA is about, What we do and Who we are, and most importantly how you can help!

What is the PTA?

Everyone who has a child at the school is automatically a member of the PTA; however, there are some parents (mostly mums but Dads are welcome too!) that are able to assist in the PTA, attend meetings and help organise events. We also have a say in where our money goes.

What does the PTA do?

The PTA helps to raise much-needed funds for any extra accessories the teachers and pupils need. This is a quick summary of what we have raised

● In the year to 31 July 2017, the PTA raised £22,168 (audited figures will be presented at
the PTA’s AGM in the new year).
● In the same period, the PTA donated £16,171 to the school, including:
○ new smart screens/cabling (£6,400);
○ scientific measuring equipment and other classroom resources (£5,000);
○ furniture, iPads and storage, as per each class’ wishes, through the sponsored
pancake toss (£1,800);
○ coaches and ice creams for the school’s 2016 Christmas panto trip (£1,500);
○ new gazebos (£500); and
○ rosettes for sports day, the Year 6 leavers’ t-shirts, and repairs to the PTA’s shed.
● Confirmed PTA investments for the current financial year include the following
(anticipated costs are shown where possible):
○ creation of new flexible learning space in the old ICT suite, including redecoration,
installation of durable, flexible furniture and new carpets (around £7,000);
○ complete refurbishment of the Key Stage 2 library area (just under £9,200);
○ replacement tables/chairs and carpet in the Year 3 classroom (£2,440);
○ new storage units for Years 2, 3, 4 and 5 (£905);
○ new books for history, geography and guided reading in Years 5 and 6 (£445);
○ a new table with 4 chairs for Year 1 (£306);
○ Lego Mirobot equipment for computing (£300);
○ 100 whiteboards, pens and erasers, plus a new electric pencil sharpener (£263);
○ a new sofa and beanbags for Reception (£242);
○ coaches and ice-creams for the whole school at this year’s Christmas panto; and
○ Year 6 leavers’ t-shirts.
● Any other projects/investments will be confirmed later in the year.
● We are very grateful to our team of helpers and all of the parents/carers who support our
events – without you, we couldn’t support the school’s investment programme!

We are very grateful to our team of helpers and all of the parents/carers who support our events without you, we couldn’t support the school’s investment programme!

…but it is not just about raising money – our PTA arranges events that the children love. PTA events can also help you to get to know other parents, teachers and school staff.

How Can You Help?

We are always looking for volunteers join the PTA committee, however, if you feel you cannot commit the time, any help on fundraising event days is always much appreciated. If you have any ideas regarding fundraising, or where you feel we could improve on what we do, we are always keen to know. Please drop any hints and ideas off in the PTA box, or drop a note into the office. Alternatively, you can contact us via this form. Tell us any fundraising ideas you may have, how you feel we could improve an event or simply if you want to help with our fundraising events.

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