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At Stock Church of England Primary School, we aim to foster the children’s natural interest, curiosity and confidence in scientific learning by delivering a stimulating and well-structured science programme.  Units of work are planned to cover the requirements as laid down in the National Curriculum Programmes of Study, in the three scientific areas of Biology, Chemistry and Physics.

science 1

Whenever it is possible we will link our work in science with work being covered in other subjects.  Sometimes the content of a unit of science may form the basis of a class topic, or may complement work in a broader topic.  On other occasions a scientific unit of work may be taught discretely alongside the whole class topic.

science 2

Through science lessons the children are given opportunities to work both independently and collaboratively.  Children learn best through practical activity and consequently we aim to include as much practical, investigative work in our science lessons as possible.

science 3

Children are taught the skills to plan and carry out investigations; they are encouraged to think scientifically, asking and answering scientific questions, making predictions and hypotheses, observing carefully and recording observations and results using a range of media.  As they progress through the school, they are taught the skills necessary to analyse their results and use them to draw conclusions and to evaluate their investigations and discoveries.  The children are taught and encouraged to use correct scientific vocabulary when discussing their work in science lessons.



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