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Teaching Staff

Headteacher         Mrs A Clay

Deputy Head         Mr S Whyman



Foundation Stage:  Mrs A Henson and Mrs H Dubber (job share)

Year 1:  Mrs C Levett

Year 2: Mrs A Price

Year 3: Miss M Park and Mrs V Fielding (job share)

Year 4: Mr C Seccombe

Year 5: Mrs D Rouse

Year 6: Mr S Whyman

SENCO/Year 6:  Mrs K Drage (Part-time)


Teaching Assistants

Mrs K Angerstein

Mrs K Burton

Mrs A Gallo

Mrs J Nash                                                      

Miss G Morris

Mrs H See

Mrs H Taylor                      

Mrs A Tully

Miss M Tully                                   


Higher Level Teaching Assistant                               

Mrs L Taylor    


Office Staff

Office Manager        Mrs S Dabbs

Clerical Assistant     Mrs R Wilkinson


Kitchen Staff

Cook              Mrs A Sprules   

Assistants     Mrs G Harris

                       Mrs Z McCarthy


Midday Supervisor

Mrs J Dixon 


Mid-day Assistants        

Mrs A Bell

Mrs D Johnson

Mrs D Hannaway

Ms S Keane

Mrs F Williams   

Mrs G Winger  


School Maintenance

Caretaker  Mr R Smith

Cleaner      Ms C  White-Overton

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