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Year 5 and 6 Layer Marney Tower

On Tuesday 17th October 2017, year 5 and 6 went to Layer Marney Tower

We had amazing costumes of Saxons, which gave the effect that it was a Saxon day out. During the day, we learned an amazing amount about how the Saxons came and why they settled.

We also learned about what jewellery they had and how they liked some of the Roman jewellery and they copied some of their designs. The ladies also told us that the Saxons really liked a never-ending pattern.

The two classes made bracelets which were made of beads and some of them really caught people’s eyes. We also made brooches which some made really well and even put them on which lasted the whole day!


We learned about Alfred the Great and debated whether he was really great – most of us thought he was.

When we learned about Saxon laws, we re-enacted ‘The Thing’ which was a Saxon court.  We were accused of crimes, which was really funny, especially when Oscar was accused of stealing Harper’s pig called Porky.

We had a great day at Layer Marney Tower: enjoying it all, and learning so much.

By Oliver

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