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Year 5 Star Gazing evening

On 17th January 2017, year 5 took part in a star gazing evening with Mr Jones and Mr Welch. To start the evening, Mr Welch told us stories of the three constellations that we were going to look at. They were Orion, The Great Bear and Cassiopeia. Our visitors both brought in high definition telescopes to navigate the stars. As well as that, some students brought in their own telescopes and binoculars. We were guided to observe Orion and The Great Bear; however, we couldn’t see all of The Great Bear because it was behind a house! After that, we sought Mars and Venus using our naked eye and, in turn, we got to look at them using a telescope to see them in greater detail. Later in the evening, everyone made at least one stargazer using a Pringle tube; these were used to help identify certain constellations. Finally, Mr Jones showed us a star theatre on the ceiling of our classroom to indicate to us the different constellations in our galaxy; The Milky Way.

We all thoroughly enjoyed the entire evening. In our opinion, the star theatre was the best part because it was really interesting and realistic.

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